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Sydney Foundling Institution (1874)

May 1874
October 1874
Babies' Home, Care Provider, Home and Non-denominational

The Sydney Foundling Institution was founded in May 1874 as a non-church affiliated refuge for abandoned babies and single mothers, run by a committee of women. Its first location was on Victoria Street, Darlinghurst. In October 1874, the institution changed its name to the Sydney Foundling Hospital and soon after, in 1875, moved to Stewart Street, Paddington.


The Foundling Institution was 'well marshalled by the elite of Sydney female society', according to an article published in 1878. It cared for 45 children in its first year.

The first abandoned baby left on the steps was named by the committee, Sydney Hope. Sydney Hope grew up to be a successful businessman and long-time supporter of The Infants' Home (as the organisation became known in 1877). In 1951 The Infants' Home established an infant feeding and settling clinic named in his honour Sydney Hope Cottage - which still operates in 2017.


May 1874 - October 1874
Address - Sydney Foundling Institution was situated at 112 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst. Location: Darlinghurst


 1874 Sydney Foundling Institution
       1874 - 1877 Sydney Foundling Hospital
             1877 - The Infants' Home, Ashfield



  • Lorne-Johnson, Susan, Betrayed and forsaken: the official history of the Infants' Home, Ashfield, founded in 1874 as the Sydney Foundling Institution, The Infants' Home, Ashfield, 2001. Details

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