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Broken Hill Shelter (c. 1905 - c. 1994)

c. 1905
c. 1994
Babies' Home, Government-run, Home, Juvenile Justice Centre and Receiving Home

Broken Hill Shelter was established around 1905 by the State Children's Relief Department as a remand home for children defined as delinquent and from 1923 was part of the Child Welfare Department. By the 1950s it mainly operated as housing for children awaiting their hearings at the nearby Broken Hill Children's Court. There was room for six boys and girls up to the age of 18 years. The shelter was transferred to the Department of Juvenile Justice in 1991. In 1993 it was functioning as a five-bed remand centre. It has since been closed.



c. 1905 - c. 1994
Location - Broken Hill Shelter was situated in Chloride Street, Broken Hill. Location: Broken Hill



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Prepared by: Liam Hogan and Naomi Parry