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New South Wales - Archival Series

Adoption Files, 1961-present (1961 - )

Anglicare Adoption Services


This archival series is part of the Anglicare Adoption Services archival collection. This series contains adoption files from 1961 to the present about adoptions which involved Anglicare Adoption Services under its various names. The series comprises over 2000 files and is held at the Anglicare Offices in Telopea New South Wales.


Access Conditions

Access to the records in this series is based around the Adoption Act 2000. For plain language information on what this means for you the New South Wales Government has created two sets of fact sheets. One for adoptions before 2010 and one for all adoptions after 2010. links to these factsheets are provided below under "Publications".

Depending on your age (if you are under 18), if you are a relative or an individual who experienced adoption directly and on the time of your adoption experience you will have different kinds of access to records in this series. As such people wishing to access records in this series should contact Anglicare to find out what access conditions apply to them.


Anglicare Adoption Services has changed its name multiple times and was originally known as Carramar Adoption Agency. In 1965 Carramar Adoption Agency changed its name to the Church of England Adoption Agency, before changing its name again in 1978 to Anglican Adoption Agency. The final name change in 1997 was to the current organisation name of Anglicare Adoption Services. The records in this series may refer to the Anglicare Adoption Service by one or many of these names.

The records in this series contain comprehensive information about adoptive parents, birth parents and people who were adopted. This information includes birth names, medical records, home assessment reports, dates of adoption, demographic information about birth and adoptive parents (such as eduation and hobbies) and social worker reports. This series also contains correspondance and other records.

Anglicare also holds a small number of files for children who were reunited with their birth mothers or who passed away before placement for adoption.

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Online Resources

Sources used to compile this entry: Thinee, Kristy and Bradford, Tracy, Connecting Kin: Guide to Records, A guide to help people separated from their families search for their records [completed in 1998], New South Wales Department of Community Services, Sydney, New South Wales, 1998,

Prepared by: Melissa Downing