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New South Wales - Archival Series

Card Indexes (1919 - 1949)

New South Wales

These card indexes were created by the Department of Labour and Industry, NSW Immigration Division. They contain summary information about immigrants, including child migrants, the places they were settled, and the organisations involved in their migration. In 2023 these records had only been partially processed by State Archives NSW, meaning there is minimal information available about these indexes.


Access Conditions

The card indexes listed below are open to public access, however, as these records have been only partially processed there may be longer wait times for accessing them. For access to these records please contact State Archives NSW.


  • Card index to assisted immigrants, 1919-26 [11/23045-23054, 11/23056-23065]
  • Card index to assisted immigrants, 1925-39 [6/994-1000, 11/23066-23074]
  • Card index to nominations/inspections, c. 1947 [11/23075-23085]
  • Card index to migrants transferred from other States, 1923-45 [11/23086-23090.1]
  • Place index, 1922-40 [11/23091-23092.1]
    Arranged by main railway line, then by towns on the line and then by name of migrant, forming a list of migrants by most recent address.
  • Card index to enquiries re settlement, 1945-48 [11/23092.2]
  • Card index to the deaths of Dreadnought immigrants, 1924-38 [11/23092.3]
  • Card index to nominators, 1930-39 [11/23093.1]
  • Card index to immigrants under youth group schemes, c. 1930-46 [11/23093.2]
    Indexes youths assisted under the Big Brother Movement, The Dreadnought Trust Fund, the Salvation Army and the Church of England (Council of Empire Settlement).
  • Card index to migrant passport clearances issued, 1924-40 [11/23094]
    Appears to be an index to immigrants brought out under the Dreadnought Trust Fund who returned to England. The index is incomplete (Abbott-Myson only).
  • Unidentified card index to immigrants, 1921-47 [11/23095-23100]
    Appears to index immigrants under the age of 21 who probably arrived under the Dreadnought Trust Fund.
  • Card index to unsatisfactory migrants, c.1925-49 [11/23101]


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