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New South Wales - Organisation

Centacare Adoption Services (1993 - 2011)

Adoption Agency, Care Provider, Catholic and Church Agency

Centacare Adoption Services was name of the organisation created when Centacare Catholic Community Care took over the running of Catholic Adoption Services in 1993. It dealt with adoptions in the Sydney Archdiocese of the Catholic Church. This organisation is now known as CatholicCare Adoption Services. Please refer to CatholicCare Adoption Services for further information.


 1967 - 1993 Catholic Adoption Agency
       1993 - 2011 Centacare Adoption Services
             2011 - 2018 CatholicCare Adoption Services
                   2018 - Family Spirit


Online Resources

Sources used to compile this entry: A history of St Anthony's Home Croydon, with Sister Kathleen Burford, July 1989,; CatholicCare Sydney Past Adoption Services Factsheet, CatholicCare Sydney, 2013c,

Prepared by: Naomi Parry