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Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre (1991 - )

Government-run, Home and Juvenile Justice Centre

Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre, at Airds, near Campbelltown, was opened under the Department of Juvenile Justice in 1991. It had been the Reiby Training School, for girls, but became a centre for males under the age of 16 years, who are on control orders or on remand.


According to the Department of Juvenile Justice, Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre offers a range of health, educational and spiritual services to the young people, including individual case management, specialised counselling, and training in job and living skills. The centre also specialises in managing young male offenders with extreme behavioural problems with a unit specifically designated to address the special needs of this group.

The Waratah Unit, also at Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre, was opened in late 2010, and is a pre-release unit aimed at preparing young people for return into the community. The unit caters for 10 young people from across New South Wales.


1991 -
Address - Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre was situated at 20 Briar Road, Airds. Location: Airds


 1973 - 1991 Reiby Training School
       1991 - Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre


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Prepared by: Naomi Parry