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Contact Veto

Contact Veto, 19 October 2012, courtesy of NSW Government Department of Family and Community Services.

Contact Veto

This is a form and fact sheet produced by the NSW Government department of Family and Community Services to enable a birth parent or an adopted person over 17 years 6 months of age to prevent another party to the adoption from making contact with them. A Contact Veto only prevents parties to adoption from contacting you, not accessing identifying information they may be entitled to.
People are encouraged to leave a message to help the person affected by the Veto better understand the reason for the Veto should they seek information, as well as some information about their general health and wellbeing. Some parties to an adoption may be concerned about the health and wellbeing of another party, or be looking for information about their family medical history.

The form provides detailed information on what a Contact Veto is, who can get a Contact Veto, and how to get a Contact Veto.

19 October 2012
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NSW Government Department of Family and Community Services
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