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Queensland - Archival Collection

Operational Registers (c. 1950 - )

Queensland Government-run Juvenile Detention Institutions

c. 1950

Operational Registers are records that were kept in Queensland government-run juvenile detention institutions. The publication Missing Pieces (2001) used the term 'Operational Registers' to describe records of an institution's day-to-day operations and routine activities, as well as specific matters such as disciplinary action, medical treatment and incident reports in relation to residents in the institution.


Access Conditions

Former residents wishing to access records about their time in care can contact the Time in Care Information Access Service, in the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women.

Although the files are confidential and access is therefore restricted, the Department supports the rights of former residents to obtain information about themselves.

The Department is aware that former residents often want the records of their family member and/or other people. This information is often sensitive and personal in nature. To safeguard the rights of privacy, clients are unable to obtain information about other people, including other family members, without the authority of the person/people concerned. This protects the right to privacy of all individuals, as personal information on other people will be given out only with their permission.


A definitive date range for these records cannot be confirmed. It is estimated that they relate approximately to the years 1950 to 2001.

The publication, Missing Pieces stated that unfortunately, for a number of Queensland institutions, Operational Registers are missing. There may also be gaps in the existing records.




  • Department of Families, Missing pieces: information to assist former residents of children's institutions to access records, State of Queensland, 2001. pp.14-23. Details

Prepared by: Lee Butterworth