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Warilda Receiving and Assessment Centre


The Warilda Receiving and Assessment Centre was a government-run facility in Wooloowin. Previously, it was known as the Warilda Children’s Home and Warilda Infants’ Home. It closed in 1989.

From 1962 through to 1972 more buildings were erected on the Warilda site at Kedron Park Road, Wooloowin. The new administration building retained the façade of the home formerly known as the Diamantina Receiving Depot and Infants’ Home.

A publication from 1968 stated that Warilda was a “receiving and assessment centre for children of all ages in the care and protection of the Director, Department of Children’s Services, awaiting placement in foster homes, denominational homes or employment. Pre-school children catered for in full-time kindergarten programme under qualified personnel and supervised through the Creche and Kindergarten Association” (Social Services Queensland, 1968, p.97).

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  • 1967 - January 1989

    Warilda Receiving and Assessment Centre was situated at 84 Kedron Park Road, Wooloowin, Queensland (Building Still standing)


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