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Queensland - Archival Series

Departmental Registration/Payment Records (1960 - 1991)

Tufnell Home

Reference No
Series 8
Legal Status
Anglican Diocese of Brisbane Records and Archives Centre reference number

This Series of Departmental Registration/Payment Records was created by Tufnell Home. The records consist of forms which were required to be completed for State and Commonwealth government departments upon admission of a child to a home, or otherwise on a periodic basis.


Access Conditions

If you would like to find out about your time in 'care' at the Tufnell Children's Home, or access personal files, contact the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane Records and Archives Centre. The Anglican Diocese of Brisbane Records and Archives Centre allows for amendments to be inserted into the files, if requested, after verification or appropriate declaration. There are no charges to Forgotten Australians for the use of research facilities, replacement copies of certificates, and photocopies.


The forms contained in this Series include the following: Register of Children in an Institution; Return of Children in Care Admitted to and Discharged from the Institution during the Week ended [date]; Schedule of Admissions and Discharges of Children under 16 years and Claim for additional child endowment; Advice of Admission of a child to an institution and Claim for additional family allowance; Advice of Discharge of child from Institution; Periodical claim for payment of Child Endowment. Quantity: 16 items.


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Prepared by: Ann McCarthy