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Tufnell Toddlers' Home


The Tufnell Toddlers’ Home, in Nundah, was operated by the Corporation of the Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane. It was co-located with Tufnell Home and housed children up to the age of five. The Toddlers’ Home opened 14 September 1947 and closed around 1975.

The Tufnell Toddlers’ Home was licensed as a separate institution under the State Children Act in April 1965, then licensed under the Children’s Services Act 4 August 1966.

A publication from 1968 stated that Tufnell Toddlers’ Home accommodated 32 children aged 2 to 5 years (Social Services Queensland, 1968, p.96).


Please note that the records of the Tufnell Toddlers’ Home are combined with the Tufnell Children’s Home records.

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    c. 1975


  • 1947 - 1975

    Tufnell Toddlers' Home was situated at 230 Buckland Road, Nundah, Queensland (Building Demolished)


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