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Dominic College (1973 - )

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Dominic College, a Catholic school in Glenorchy, was formed in 1973 by an amalgamation of three schools, including Savio College, formerly Boys' Town, which was a children's Home and school that received child migrants in the early 1950s. Dominic College has a strong old boys' network that includes the former child migrants. In October 2012, the College celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of their arrival at Boys' Town.


Dominic College has its origins in the Salesian and Dominican orders. It was formed in 1973 by an amalgamation of St John's Primary, Savio Primary, Holy Name School, and Savio College. Dominic College was the first co-educational Catholic school in Tasmania. Originally a day and boarding school, it stopped taking boarders in 1994.


Location - Dominic College was in Glenorchy. Location: Glenorchy


 1945 - 1956 Boys' Town
       1956 - 1973 Savio College
             1973 - Dominic College

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