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Heritage and Information Service (1997 - )

MacKillop Family Services

Records Access Service

MacKillop Family Services set up the Heritage and Information Service in 1997 to assist former residents and clients of the founding agencies to access personal information. Former residents (and members of their families) of MacKillop Family Services and the various orphanages, homes and other residences run by the Sisters of Mercy, the Christian Brothers, and the Sisters of St Joseph are encouraged to contact the Heritage and Information Service for access to records and information about their personal history. MacKillop's Heritage and Information Service also provides advice and support about searching for records relating to any Catholic Home in Victoria.


The Heritage and Information Service also provides:

Assistance with access to records held by government departments. eg. state ward files, medical and educational records,
Baptism records,
Access to birth certificates and other records from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages,
Searching for and reunification with separated family members,
Advice about how to apply to an authorised Adoption information Service for persons who were legally adopted.

NOTE: Whilst MacKillop Family Services acts as custodian of all founding agency client files, the files remain the property of the respective congregations (that is, the Sisters of Mercy, the Christian Brothers, the Sisters of St Joseph). MacKillop Family Services is bound by the requirements of state and federal privacy laws and with any guidelines prescribed by the respective congregations.

MacKillop Family Services seeks to act within the recommended access standards of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Children from their Families (April 1997). Personal assistance is provided with the interpretation of written material.


Location - Heritage and Information Service was located in South Melbourne. Location: South Melbourne

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Conference Papers

  • Glare, Jenny, 'Remembering our Heritage and Living with the Legacy: our ongoing commitment to Forgotten Australians', in Saint Mary MacKillop: Her influence on Catholic social services, Melbourne, 13-14 October 2011, MacKillop Family Services, October 2011. Details

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