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Ballarat Orphanage Boys' Hostel (1927 - 1961)

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The Ballarat Orphanage Boys' Hostel was established in 1927. It housed boys from the Orphanage who had been apprenticed out to various trades. The Boys' Hostel in Victoria Street was formerly a private hospital called Warrawee. It closed in 1961, and the Victorian government opened a Reception Centre on the same site.


The building in Victoria Street, Ballarat, was purchased for £3500. This was funded by a £1000 grant from the Charities Board, and further contributions from the HV McKay Charitable Trust, the Edward Wilson Trust and the Alfred Felton Estate.


1927 - 1961
Address - The Ballarat Orphanage Boys' Hostel was located at 28 Victoria Street, Ballarat. Location: Ballarat

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