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Holmbush (1942 - 1956)

Home, Hostel and Non-denominational

Holmbush was the first residential accommodation operated by Melbourne Legacy, and was established in 1942. It accommodated boys aged between 9 and 19, usually attending secondary school. In 1956, Holmbush became known as Blamey House.


Holmbush was for children aged 9 to 19. It was located not far from another Legacy home, Stanhope (1245 Burke Road).

Residents of Holmbush and other Legacy homes were the children of deceased ex-servicemen. Sometimes residents at Legacy homes were both children of ex-servicemen and wards of state.

In 1956, Blamey House, another Legacy children's home formerly in Beaumaris moved into the Holmbush property in Kew, and it was renamed Blamey House.


1942 - 1956?
Address - Holmbush was located at 1267 Burke Road, Kew. Location: Kew


 1942 - 1956 Holmbush
       c. 1949 - c. 1977 Blamey House

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