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Melbourne Youth Justice Centre (1993 - )

Government-run, Home and Juvenile Justice Centre
Alternative Names
  • Melbourne Juvenile Justice Centre (Also known as)

The Melbourne Youth Justice Centre is a high security centre commissioned by the state government in 1993. It is located in the Parkville Youth Justice Precinct, and replaced the Turana Youth Training Centre. The Justice Centre is a custodial facility for males aged 15 to approximately 18, who have been sentenced to a Youth Justice Centre Order or remanded in custody.


The Melbourne Youth Justice Centre comprises six units: Remand North, Remand South, Admissions/Oakview, Westgate, Southbank and Eastern Hill.

After the age of 18, most residents of the Justice Centre are transferred to Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre, until they reach the age of 21.


1993 -
Location - The Melbourne Youth Justice Centre was located in Park Street, Parkville. Location: Parkville


 1875 - c. 1887 Royal Park Industrial School
       c. 1880 - 1955 Royal Park Depot
             1955 - 1993 Turana
                   1993 - Melbourne Youth Justice Centre

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Prepared by: Cate O'Neill