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Geelong Industrial School (c. 1865 - c. 1880)

  • Industrial School, Geelong

    Industrial School, Geelong, 1867, by Mackin, Charles Travers

c. 1865
c. 1880
Government-run, Home and Industrial School
Alternative Names
  • Industrial School for Girls (c. 1879 - )

The Geelong Industrial School was established in around 1865. In 1869, the School moved from Ryrie Street to Myers Street. It housed children including those who, for health reasons, were moved from Melbourne's industrial schools. In 1879, there were 81 girls at the Industrial School in Geelong, including those who had been transferred from Royal Park Industrial School.


The first Geelong Industrial School was situated in Ryrie Street.

The atmosphere in Geelong was thought to be healthier than Melbourne's, meaning that frail children in the city's industrial schools were often transferred to Geelong. This led to problems with overcrowding at Ryrie Street in the late 1860s.

In 1868, plans were afoot for a second industrial school in Geelong. In November 1869, it was established in the former Gaol in Myers Street.

In 1879 there were 81 girls at the Industrial School in Geelong, including some who were transferred from the industrial school at Royal Park in July 1879.


c. 1865 - 1869
Location - Geelong Industrial School was located at Ryrie St, Geelong. Location: Geelong
1869 - c. 1880
Location - Geelong Industrial School was located in the former gaol at Myers St, Geelong. Location: Geelong

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Industrial School, Geelong
Industrial School, Geelong
Mackin, Charles Travers


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