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Craig Memorial Hostel (c. 1926 - c. 1929)

  • Presbyterian Babies' Home, 19 Canterbury Road Camberwell

    Presbyterian Babies' Home, 19 Canterbury Road Camberwell, by John T. Collins, courtesy of State Library of Victoria.

c. 1926
c. 1929
Home, Hostel, Presbyterian and Protestant

The Craig Memorial Hostel, Camberwell, was established by Presbyterian Church in around 1926. It accommodated young women studying away from home. The Hostel closed in around 1929 and became the Presbyterian Babies' Home.


The Craig Memorial Hostel was situated in the mansion 'Linda', the former home of WJ Craig. His daughter donated the property to the Presbyterian Church in 1925.

In May 1926, the Presbyterian Assembly were told of the need for such a hostel, which was said to 'fulfil a real need, and would offer a beautiful home in healthful surroundings for women students'.

Institutions like the Craig Memorial Hostel were established by churches, out of concern that young women 'living away from their people' while studying or working often had to take up 'undesirable' accommodation in boarding houses.

The Hostel had significant debts, and in 1929, a Committee recommended its closure. The site became the new home of the Presbyterian Babies' Home.


c. 1926 - c. 1929
Address - The Craig Memorial Hostel was located at 19 Canterbury Road, Camberwell. Location: Camberwell


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Presbyterian Babies' Home, 19 Canterbury Road Camberwell
Presbyterian Babies' Home, 19 Canterbury Road Camberwell
John T. Collins
State Library of Victoria


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Prepared by: Cate O'Neill