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Victoria - Archival Collection

Menzies Inc. Records (1886 - )


Menzies Inc. Records relate to the operation of Menzies Inc. and its predecessor agencies. The collection dates back to 1886. It includes client records dated up to 1914, historical memorabilia and photographs.


Access Conditions

Menzies adheres to regulations governing privacy and confidentiality of records. Assistance is given to clients requiring access to their records and photocopies of information are given without charge. A check of the records is made by staff to ensure that no third party information is provided. Ex-clients are supported through the process of accessing their records. Care leavers (and their families) wanting to find information about their time in care, or access personal files can contact Menzies Inc.


The holdings at Menzies Inc. are not a complete record as some material has been lost.

Client records dated between 1916 and 2014 are held by the Department of Human Services. These records were transferred in 2014, when Menzies Inc. stopped providing residential care services to children and young people.

Records are held in an Archive Room at the Menzies Inc head office.

Menzies Inc. Records relate to the following services:

  • The Menzies Homes for Children, Frankston
  • The Menzies Home for Boys, Frankston
  • The Menzies Boys Home William St Hostel, Frankston
  • Minton Boys Home, Frankston
  • Melbourne Ragged Boys Home
  • Latrobe Street Ragged School Mission.

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Prepared by: Rosemary Francis