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Victoria - Archival Collection

Menzies Homes - Client Records (c. 1914 - c. 2014)

c. 1914
c. 2014

Menzies Home - Client Records is a collection of records dated from 1914 up to 2014. The records relate to children and young people who lived in Menzies Home for Boys, Menzies Home for Children, and Minton Boys' Home, as well as in out-of-home care facilities run by Menzies Inc. between 2001 and 2014. The records include Admission Registers, card indexes, individual children's files and photographs.


Access Conditions

Access to some records in this collection is restricted to protect the privacy of individuals. Former residents and their families can contact Care Leaver Records Service, Freedom of Information Unit for access to these records.


This collection of records was transferred from Menzies Inc. to the Department of Human Services in 2014, after a decision was made that Menzies Inc. was to stop providing out-of-home care services.

Menzies Inc. has retained custody of some client records (dated before 1914) as well as historical and administrative records relating to the organisation and its predecessors.

Sources used to compile this entry: Correspondence with Menzies Inc. and the Department of Human Services, October 2014.

Prepared by: Cate O'Neill