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Shedley, Don and Shedley, Meg
Black and white best together: the Bethel story
Hesperian Press, Carlisle, Western Australia, 2007

'Black and white best together: the Bethel story' was written by Don and Meg Shedley, who founded Bethel Inc. The book includes names and images of people and properties associated with Bethel Inc and gives insight into what motivated the Shedleys to become involved in providing hostel accommodation for Aboriginal students. Many of the photographs in the book show images of Aboriginal children and families. Pages 72-93 have a list of metropolitan students (with home town, dates of admission and discharge, and adult occupations) and a section where students have written their memories of living in Bethel Homes. Pages 103-109 give the history of the Bethel Homes in Kununurra and there is a list of students at pages 108-109.