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Fusion Student Household (1995 - )

Adolescent Care, Care Provider, Home and Youth Welfare Service
Alternative Names
  • Fusion (also known as)
  • Fusion Student Household Service (also known as)

Fusion Student Household began in 1995 providing up to four long-term accommodation and support placements to young students aged 15-17 years in the Victoria Park area. In 2001 Fusion Student Household operated two homes in Bentley and Booragoon for young people who could not live at home but wanted to continue their schooling. By 2014, Fusion had homes in St James, Victoria Park and Geraldton. Fusion is a Christian youth and community organisation with centres around Australia.


Fusion Student Household is a service that began around 1995 as part of the Youth Supported Accommodation Program, which was a sub-program of the Commonwealth/State funded Supported Accommodation Assistance Programme (SAAP). It is run by a Christian private management committee, Fusion Australia.

Fusion's purpose in 1995 was to 'provide longterm accommodation and support in Victoria Park and adjacent areas to young people aged 15-17 years who are willing to continue schooling and who want to continue a relationship with their parents' and to support those young people to achieve independent living skills and good relationships with family and others.

By 2001, Fusion was able to accommodate up to six young people, and had homes in Booragoon and Bentley. There were another two units at the rear of the Bentley property that were used as a stepping stone to independent living. By 2018 Fusion was providing accommodation in Victoria Park and Bentley.


1995 -
Location - Fusion Student Household was located in Victoria Park. Location: Victoria Park
2001 -
Location - Fusion Student Household was located in Bentley. Location: Bentley
2001 - ?
Location - Fusion Student Household was located in Booragoon. Location: Booragoon


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Prepared by: Debra Rosser