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Western Australia - Organisation

State Records Office of Western Australia (2001 - )

24 July 2001
Government Agency, Records Access Service and Records Holder
Alternative Names
  • Archives Branch (also known as, 19 March 1945 - 1 January 1955)
  • JS Battye Library of West Australian History (also known as, 1 January 1955 - 1 January 1988)
  • Public Records Office of Western Australia (also known as, 22 May 1995 - 24 July 2001)
  • State Archives of Western Australia (also known as, 1 January 1988 - 22 May 1995)

In addition to their other functions, the State Records Office is the key repository for government documents in Western Australia. As their website explains:

The State Records Office of Western Australia was formed under the State Records Act 2000. The State Records Office previously operated as the Public Records Office, but new legislatative requirements increased the functions and responsibilities of the office.


The business functions of the State Records Office are to: promote and monitor the proper recording and management of State government information and the collection and protection of State archives; support the State Records Commission in monitoring the operation of, and compliance with, the State Records Act 2000; provide recordkeeping assistance, consultation, advice and training to assist government organizations with the management of their recorded information within the Western Australian legislative environment; maintain a best practice archive repository for the State archives collection; promote and facilitate the use of State archives by providing relevant and convenient reference services and facilities for those accessing State archives; provide access services for government organizations; preserve State archives for current and future accessibility.

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