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Western Australia - Archival Series

Files - Aborigines Departments (1926 - 1972)

1 January 1926
16 June 1972
Reference No
AU WA S2030
Legal Status
State Records Office of Western Australia Reference code

Files - Aborigines Department is an archival series which comprises records that were created by the Aborigines Department and its successor agencies - the Department of Native Welfare and the Department of Native Affairs - up until 1972 when welfare functions, and their associated files, were transferred to the newly created Department for Community Welfare. This record series covers a wide range of matters which the department/s were responsible for administering.


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A number of 'personal' files are also included. (The term 'personal' file is a slight misnomer as these files invariably contain limited correspondence regarding the person stated. The Department of Community Development holds a fuller series of personal files relating to Aboriginal people. These files were created by the various departments responsible for Aboriginal welfare and were transferred to the Department for Community Welfare in 1972).

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Prepared by: Debra Rosser