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Yurag-Man-Gu Taam-Purru Hostel (2007 - )

Government-run, Home and Hostel
Alternative Names
  • Halls Creek Hostel (also known as)
  • Yurang-Man-Gu-Taam-Purru Hostel (alternative spelling)
  • Yurag-Man-Taam-Purru Group Home (also known as, 2013? - )

Yurag-Man-Gu Taam-Purru Hostel was the new name given to the government-run Yurag-Man-Gu Taam-Purru Placement and Support Centre, Halls Creek, in 2007. Children who could not live at home with family were accommodated there. By around 2013, it was more commonly known as the Yurag-Man-Taam-Purru Group Home.


Hodgkins, Crawford and Budiselik explain "'Yurag-Man-Gu Taam-Purra', the name selected for the residential child care facility, means 'a good place for kids' and is a phrase from two East Kimberley languages: Djaru and Kitja."

Yurag-Man-Taam-Purru Hostel was called a few different names in Government reports including Yurang-Man-Gu-Taam-Purru Hostel in Department for Child Protection Annual Report 2007-08 (p.44) and Halls Creek Hostel in Department for Child Protection Annual Report 2008-09 (p.36). It was also commonly referred to as just Yurag-Man-Gu Taam-Purru.


2007 - 2013?
Address - Yurag-Man-Taam-Purru Hostel was located on the corner of Thomas and Terone Streets, Halls Creek. Location: Halls Creek


Online Resources

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Prepared by: Debra Rosser