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Anglicare Out-of-Home Care Services was established in 2008 in Telopea. It is a part of Anglicare’s Community Care Division. It was formerly known as Anglicare Child Youth and Family Services Department. It holds records relating to children and young people in foster care, and youth and adolescent support programmes. It also holds Anglicare adoption records dating back to around 1960.

Anglicare Out-of-Home Care Services provides adoption services, foster care, the Lisgar Youth Support Program and Paul Street Adolescent Residential Program. These are largely funded by the New South Wales Government.

The Anglican (or Church of England) Diocese of Sydney developed and supported a number of committees that ran children’s homes and programmes in the Sydney metropolitan area from the late 19th century until the present.

The main committees running children’s homes with the support of the Anglican Diocese were Church of England Homes and the Anglican Home Mission Society. The Anglican Home Mission Society changed its name to Anglicare in 1997. Anglicare Welfare Services was part of Anglicare, as were organisations such as Charlton Youth Services, Care Force and Carramar Adoption Agency.

When Homes and services operated by these committees and organisations closed, the records were sent to Anglicare Child Youth and Family Services (formerly Care Force), as were adoption records.

Anglicare Child Youth and Family Services became Anglicare Out-of-Home Care Services in 2008.

The following were Church of England homes operated by the Anglican Diocese of Sydney through Church of England Children’s Homes and the Home Mission Society:

  • Church of England Boys’ Home, Carlingford
  • Church of England Girls’ Home, Carlingford
  • Havilah Little Children’s Home, Carlingford (formerly at Normanhurst)
  • Cornwell Group Home, Epping
  • Orana Group Home, Wahroonga
  • Kingsleigh Group Home, St Ives
  • Buckland Group Home, St Marys
  • Crecy Group Home, Eastwood
  • Tress Manning Temporary Care, Carlingford
  • Field Cottage, Carlingford.

Anglicare Out-of-Home Care Services also took responsibility for storing and managing the records of some Anglican children’s homes that were closing. These include:

  • Marella Aboriginal Program
  • New South Wales Protestant Federation Children’s Home at Dulwich Hill
  • Cooinoo Children’s Home at Enfield.

Some records of children’s homes operated by the Home Mission Society of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney and Anglicare are also with Anglicare Out-of-Home Care Services. These include Kingsdene Special School and Residential Service, Tress Manning Temporary Care, Quipolli Children’s Home, Lisgar Hostel and Care Force, as well as foster care records.

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