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Brady House


Brady House was run by the Mission of St James and St John in partnership with the Church of England Men’s Society in Strathmore from 1964. It was a hostel for young men, including those recently released from prison. It closed in 1978.

Brady House had a quota of reserved placements for young men recently released from prison. This was to assist them with readjusting to community life ‘outside’.

In 1975, Brady House introduced work-release of prisoners, which was a means of introducing the prisoner to the outside world, ‘so that he or she can gradually become used to the stresses and strains of work and/or family life whilst supported by an understanding programme’. Most participants in this program at Brady House stayed for about 3 months (Social Welfare Department annual report, 1975-76, p.7).

With the closing of Brady House in 1978, very few prisoners in Victoria participated in the work-release program (Department of Community Welfare Services annual report, 1978-79, p.54).

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    Brady House CEMS Hostel


  • 1964 - 1978

    Brady House was located in Strathmore (Pascoe Vale), Victoria (Building Unknown)

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