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Forrest Lodge


Forrest Lodge was was established in 1939 as a hostel for boys from regional areas who went to high school in Geraldton. At first, it was administered and run by the Anglican Church in Geraldton but later came under the management of the Geraldton Protestant Homes Inc. In 1968 Forrest Lodge became John Frewer House.

In 1947 a claim was made at Geraldton Local Court involving the use of corporal punishment by the principal of Forrest Lodge against a boy in residence there. The judge in the matter found in favour of the principal, stating that he may exercise “the power to inflict reasonable and moderate corporal punishment in proper cases.”

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  • 1939 - 1968

    Forrest Lodge opened as a high school hostel for boys at 20 Gregory Street, Geraldton, Western Australia (Building Still standing)


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