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Glastonbury Children’s Home was the new name given in 1977 to the Glastonbury – Geelong Protestant Orphanage. It accommodated children in a family group home model. In 1984, it became the Glastonbury Child and Family Services.

Glastonbury Children’s Home came into being in 1977. It was formerly known as Glastonbury – Geelong Protestant Orphanage.

The name change reflected the shift in language and policy in child welfare in Victoria, away from congregate care, towards the family group home model.

In 1977, Glastonbury purchased and took over the operation of two family group homes formerly run by St Cuthbert’s Children’s Home in Colac. An article about this decision published in August 1978 stated:

Our Committee of Management was concerned that a number of children resident at St Cuthbert’s who were Colac and district children, with closure of St Cuthbert’s would be forced to move out of the local area … Further, all Colac and district children who in the future needed residential care would have to be moved out of their locality (Hops, Steps and Jumps, August 1978).

In 1984, the name changed again to Glastonbury Child and Family Services, signifying another shift in philosophy and practice.

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  • 1977 - 1984

    Glastonbury Children's Home was located off Colac Road, Geelong, Victoria (Building Still standing)


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