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Glendonald School for Deaf Children


Glendonald School for Deaf Children in Kew was run by the Victorian Department of Education. It provided education and some residential services for deaf children. The school was located in Marshall Avenue and the hostel was nearby in Belmont Avenue, Kew.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, ‘Deaf children whose families lived too far to travel daily were housed in a grand Victorian mansion in Belmont Avenue, Kew, the John Cannon Hostel. The school and hostel also accommodated a small number of wards of the state’ (Finding Records website).

The Finding Records website also notes that: ‘Department of Health and Human Services’ records for this agency may relate only to children who were wards of the state’.

According to an inscription on a photograph of the Glendonald School from the collection of the Kew Historical Society, ‘The old school for the deaf at 17 Marshall Ave for children from the age of six years to ten years old, then they would go to 25 Marshall Ave to finish their schooling leaving age 16 years old’ (Victorian Collections website).

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  • 1951 - 1991

    Glendonald School for Deaf Children was located at 32 Belmont Avenue, Kew, Victoria (Building Still standing)

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