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Glenroy Girls' Home


The Glenroy Girls’ Home was established by Salvation Army in 1902, with the first girls in residence coming from the recently closed Brunswick Girls’ Home. The home had capacity for 60 girls between the ages of four and eighteen. It was situated in a leased property known as “Ashleigh”, in Widford Street, Glenroy. Girls at the home received domestic training in housework, cooking, laundry, sewing, and dairy-work. They were often sent out to work in private homes as domestic servants from the age of 14 or 15. The home closed in 1915, and the remaining girls were transferred to the Salvation Army’s newly purchased Catherine Booth Home in Kew.

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  • 1902 - 1915

    The Glenroy Girls' Home was located in Widford Street, Glenroy, Victoria (Building Demolished)


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