Jesus People (Inc) was a Christian welfare service that was incorporated in Western Australia in 1974. Child welfare authorities made referrals to residential and youth welfare facililites run by Jesus People Inc. It was also known as ‘Perth City Mission’ and in 1997 became part of ‘Mission Australia’. Mission Australia has inherited the records of Jesus People (Inc).

Jesus People (Inc) as a legal entity was deregistered in 2006, but prior to that (in 1997) had become part of Mission Australia.

Government reports (Signposts 2004, pp.344-345) and archival records show that young people (male and female) were placed in facilities run by Jesus People from at least 1975. A record from 1976 refers to ‘Jesus House’.

The Perth telephone directory lists the ‘New Life Centre’ under the entry for Jesus People Inc and records the New Life Centre as located at 246 Adelaide Terrace, Perth. In 1978, the telephone directory records Jesus People Inc as located at 277 Hay Street, East Perth and 246 Adelaide Terrace, Perth and 301 Mill Point Road, South Perth. In the 1980-81 directory the Adelaide Terrace address is no longer listed for Jesus People Inc.

In 1995, Jesus People services were described (Signposts p.344) as ‘accommodation and support for 14-18 year olds from 14 days to six months’. These services were intended to enable young people to develop the skills and confidence to live independently and re-integrate with family and other community relationships.

In 1997, the services run by Jesus People (Inc) were continued by Mission Australia.

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