Marlow Cottage, Kaleen, was established in 1986 under the Children’s Services Act 1986. It was originally known as Kaleen Youth Shelter and was run by the Welfare Branch, and later the Housing and Community Services Bureau of the ACT Government. In November 1995, it transitioned to a non-government provider and has since operated under the auspices of the Richmond Fellowship of the ACT Inc. It provides short-term and emergency accommodation for young people aged between 11 and 18 years, including those on bail and awaiting sentencing.

Marlow Cottage was originally known as Kaleen Youth Shelter and was operated by the ACT Government. It was established to provide accommodation for 12 to 17 years who were on court orders deemed at risk of abuse or neglect or because they must reside as directed as a condition of bail.

In 1995 the Government decided to privatise the operations of the Shelter and tenders were advertised in September 1995. Public outcry ensued, with concerns that the transition from a public sector service a sign that the government did not want to provide services for the community, that it was a cost-cutting measure, and would potentially put the local community at risk. A motion in the Legislative Assembly narrowly failed to pause the transfer of ownership with the intention to keep it in the public sector. The Community and Public Sector Union was particularly vocal in opposition however the process went ahead. One tender was received by the Richmond Fellowship and they commenced running the Shelter in November 1995.

The Kaleen Youth Shelter began to be known as Marlow Cottage by 1996.

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    Kaleen Youth Shelter


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    Marlow Cottage was situated at Kaleen, Australian Capital Territory (Building Still standing)

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