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Ohio Boys’ Home, located in Walcha, was operated by the Church of England (Anglican Church) from 1950. Run by a committee of management, it was a companion home to the Coventry Home, in Armidale, which was for girls. When Ohio Boys’ Home closed in the mid-1960s, its boys were transferred to Coventry Home.

In 2012 Ohio is a private residence. It is one of the oldest buildings in Walcha, dating from 1836.

The Church of England Diocesan Council in Armidale announced in June 1950 that it had purchased the property at Walcha (The Gloucester Advocate, 1950). The Home officially opened in December 1950. Some boys who had been living at Coventry Home, in Armidale, were transferred to Ohio (The Armidale Express and New England General Advertiser, 1950).

Reporting on a fete to mark the Home’s fourth anniversary in 1954, a newspaper article described the farming at Ohio: ‘The home, which is situated on 80 acres of land, two miles from Walcha, is stocked at present with 200 sheep and 20 cattle, and pigs and poultry. A vegetable garden occupying more than half an acre of land is laid out in small plots, each boy having his own plot.’ (The Uralla Times, 1954)

In 1955, according to the ABC, three boys ran away from Walcha, and the information they provided to the authorities resulted in the conviction of the husband of the matron of Coventry and Walcha for assault. Ten men later reached a settlement with the Anglican Church over their treatment in the Home.

The last matron and ‘boss’ were Lesley and Edith Tuck, who had some 19 boys in their care (numbers varied during their tenure), including their own son, Peter, who lived at the Home with them. A previous manager was named Steele.

When the Home closed in the mid-1960s the children were transferred to Coventry Home. Ohio was converted to a Conference Centre for the Church of England Diocese. In 1970 the house was sold back to descendants of the original owners and restored it as a residence. Reunions have since been held at the home.

  • From

    c. 1950

  • To

    c. 1965

  • Alternative Names

    Ohio War Memorial Boys' Home


  • c. 1950 - c. 1965

    Ohio Boys Home was situated alongside Ohio Creek Walcha, New South Wales (Building Still standing)

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