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Scarborough House


Scarborough House, Dolls Point was opened by Dr Barnardo’s in Australia in 1921 as a receiving home for children arriving in Australia under its child migration scheme. The Home could accommodate around 100 boys. It closed in 1924 when Dr Barnardo’s moved to Ashfield.

Dame Margaret Davidson officially opened the Scarborough House on Monday 28 November 1921, however 50 boys were already in residence.

It was not intended for the boys to stay for long in the Home. They were to be sent on to rural properties to become labourers on farms.

Scarborough House closed in 1924 as the property was deemed unsuitable, possibly due to complaints from boys about sandfly bites and mosquitoes.

Scarborough House later became known as Primrose House.

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  • c. 1921 - 1924

    Scarborough House was located at 190 Russell Avenue, Dolls Point, New South Wales (Building Still standing)


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