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Scone Farm School at Scone was established in 1959 by Dr Barnardo’s in Australia. It was a replacement for the previous Dr Barnardo’s farm home, Mowbray Park at Picton. Scone Farm School, also known as Tooloogan Vale, trained boys aged 15 to 16 years in farming skills. The school took migrant children and later admitted Australian-born children. It closed in 1982.

Scone Farm School was established on a 1200 acre property around 1959.

Each year 12 “needy” boys lived at Scone Farm School. They participated in a comprehensive farm training course before Barnardo’s assisted most of them in finding employment on farms.

By the late 1970’s, Australian-born young men had to apply in writing for the course by October of the previous year.

The Farm School submitted items in to shows, including the Royal Easter show, and successfully won hundreds of ribbons.

Scone Farm School’s programme ended in December 1981, because the farm had operated at a loss for the previous 16 months due to the 1980 drought in the Hunter Valley. The farm was sold in 1982.

  • From

    c. 1959

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  • Alternative Names

    Tooloogan Vale


  • 1959 - 1982

    Scone Farm School was situated on Upper Dartbrook Road, Scone, New South Wales (Building Still standing)



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