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St Catherine's Orphanage


St Catherine’s Orphanage was the new name given in 1912 to what was formerly Our Lady’s Orphanage. It accommodated girls aged between 3 and 14. In 1928, the Orphanage relocated from Newtown to Highton. In 1960, it became the St Catherine’s Children’s Home.

Barnard and Twigg suggest that the Sisters of Mercy changed the orphanage’s name from Our Lady to St Catherine’s to distinguish it from the Sacred Heart Boarding School and the day primary school, which were located on the same site.

An appeal for a new building was launched in 1926, and in 1928 St Catherine’s Orphanage relocated from Newtown to Highton.

In November 1955, St Catherine’s Girls’ Orphanage was declared an approved children’s home under the Children’s Welfare Act 1954.

In 1957, Sister Isidore Ryder took charge at St Catherine’s. A year later, it started to receive boys (usually the younger brothers of girls already at the Orphanage). Subsequently, St Catherine’s changed its name to St Catherine’s Children’s Home in 1960.

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  • 1912 - 1928

    St Catherine's Orphanage was located at Aphrasia Street, Newtown, Geelong, Victoria (Building Still standing)

  • 1928 - 1960

    St Catherine's Orphanage relocates from Newtown to what is now the corner of Roslyn Road and Thornhill Road, Highton, Geelong, Victoria (Building Demolished)



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