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St Joseph's Home for Boys


St Joseph’s Home for Boys in Surrey Hills was the new name given in 1925 to the St Joseph’s Home for Destitute Children. It accommodated boys aged between 4 and 12. In around 1967, the name changed to St Joseph’s Home for Children.

In late 1946, St Joseph’s Home for Boys received a small number of boys, transferred from a Tasmanian institution. Boys’ Town was situated in Glenorchy, Tasmania. When the Salesians of Don Bosco took over the management of Boys’ Town in 1946, some of the younger children from Boys’ Town were transferred to the Sisters of St Joseph at Surrey Hills.

According to Jenkinson, by the mid 1950s St Joseph’s accommodated Catholic boys aged from 6 to 12 years of age. Approximately half were Wards of the State. In 1956 accommodation was available for 112 boys within large dormitories of 12 to 29 beds.

By the mid 1960s fewer boys lived at the Home given the introduction of the Catholic Family Welfare foster care and adoption programs. Approximately 80 children aged from 5 to 9 years were accommodated with siblings under 5 years also accepted. The percentage of children who were Wards of the State had increased. Children would only be accepted for private placement if they were referred through the Catholic Family Welfare Bureau.

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    St Joseph's Home for Boys was located on the corner of Kent road and Middlesex Road, Surrey Hills, Victoria (Building Still standing)


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