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Roslyn Hall Babies Home (1911 - 1973)

Babies' Home, Children's Home, Home and Non-denominational

Roslyn Hall Babies Home, at 87 Cameron Street, Rockdale, was part of the Rockdale Babies Home at 89 Cameron Street. It was established by the Society for Providing Homes for Neglected Children. It was a babies home until 1973, when it was converted to a child care centre.


The name Roslyn Hall appears to have come into being around 1911, possibly because the Society for Providing Homes for Neglected Children expanded and acquired the property next door to the original Rockdale Babies Home. It became part of a complex of babies and children's homes that operated on this site until the 1970s.

In 1921, Rockdale Babies Home and Roslyn Hall Babies Home were granted 5 shillings per week for every orphan in their care by the NSW Government.

In the 1970s, as society changed and out of home care for children declined, the Society for Providing Homes for Neglected Children and the Sydney Rescue Work Society decided to develop other methods of caring for children. They wound down their other activities and converted their properties to long day care, preschool and family day care services.

In 2011 this building was part of Integricare Children's Centre, Rockdale, along with 85 Cameron Street and provides a long day care service, with a Christian focus.


1911 - 1973
Address - Roslyn Hall Babies Home was situated at 87 Cameron Street, Rockdale. Location: Rockdale

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Prepared by: Naomi Parry