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Lisgar Training Home for Domestic Servants (1870 - 1909)

Anglican, Home and Protestant

Lisgar Training Home for Domestic Servants was begun in Ashfield by Captain David and Mrs Maria Scott in 1870 and became part of the Church of England Deaconess Institution in 1893. It trained young women in domestic service, including state wards aged 14, and some Aboriginal girls. Lisgar Training Home closed in 1909.


Lisgar Training Home for Domestic Servants was located in Elizabeth Street Ashfield and may have been located in other premises in its early years.

Lisgar Training Home was intended to provide training in domestic service for women of low education. Some state wards were referred there when they reached the age of 14 and some Aboriginal girls were sent there for training.

It appears there are no surviving records of the home.


1870 - 1909
Location - Lisgar Training Home for Domestic Servants was situated in Elizabeth Street, Ashfield. Location: Ashfield

Related Organisations

  • Anglican Deaconess Ministries Ltd (1980s - )

    The Church of England Deaconess Institution, which was an earlier name for Anglican Deaconess Ministries Ltd, took over the management of the Lisgar Training Home for Domestic Servants in 1893.


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Prepared by: Naomi Parry