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Glen Mervyn Junior Red Cross Home (1974 - 1980s)

Children's Home, Convalescent Home, Home, Non Government Organisation and Non-denominational

The Glen Mervyn Red Cross Home at Randwick was operated by the Australian Red Cross from 1974. It took in children whose families were experiencing a range of problems, or who were experiencing health problems. Glen Mervyn Junior Red Cross Home is thought to have closed in the 1980s.


Like the Eleanor MacKinnon Home, Glen Mervyn Home specialised in receiving children whose families were in crisis, due to hospitalization, desertion, illness, death, confinements, financial or housing problems, or where children had health problems and needed to recover from malnutrition or illnesses.


1940? - 1980?
Location - Glen Mervyn Junior Red Cross Home was situated on Coogee Bay Road, Randwick. Location: Randwick

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