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Children's Seaside Hotel (1940s)

Care Provider, Children's Home, Holiday Home, Home and Temporary Care

The Children's Seaside Hotel was located at Narrabeen in the 1940s, with a branch at Wentworth Falls opening in 1943. It was for children aged from one month to 15 years of age and offered care from a single day to periods of years. It was used during school vacations and by mothers for respite from young children.


The Children's Seaside Hotel advertised in the boarding school and college pages of publications like The Farmer and Settler. According to the advertising, it was staffed with trained nurses and students of child psychology. Both the seaside at Narrabeen and mountains in Wentworth Falls were promoted as offering fresh milk and cream and home grown vegetables, with activities in the 'health-giving surroundings of mountain air'.


Location - Children's Seaside Hotel located at 400 Pittwater Road, Narrabeen. Location: Narrabeen
1943s - 1940s
Location - Children's Seaside Hotel had a second location at Wentworth Falls. Location: Wentworth Falls


Online Resources

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Prepared by: Naomi Parry