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New South Wales - Concept

State of New South Wales (1901 - )

1 January 1901

The State of New South Wales was established on 1 January 1901, at the time of Federation. Previously, it was the Colony of New South Wales.


Previous members of the New South Wales Parliament played a substantial role within the new Federal Parliament. 27 out of 32 New South Wales represntatives were former Colonial government members and of this four of them went on to become Australian Prime Minister.

By the time of the State the role of the Governor of New South Wales was generally regarded as a ceremonial role with some constitutional functions, though not active in executive government. Governor Game's decision to dismiss Premier Lang and call an election in 1932 was an exceptional use of the reserve powers the head of state has.


 1788 - 1901 Colony of New South Wales
       1901 - State of New South Wales

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Prepared by: Nicola Laurent