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Cape Bedford Mission (1886 - c. 1896)

c. 1896
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Alternative Names
  • Elim Mission (Also known as)

The Cape Bedford Mission, at Elim, was run by Lutheran Church Missionaries. It opened in 1886 and moved to Hope Valley around 1896.


The Mission was founded by Reverend Johann Flier from Cooper Creek in South Australia. In November 1855 Flier was on his way to found a Mission in Papua New Guinea when he was delayed at Cooktown, in far north Queensland. This led him to establish a Mission near the beach at Elim on Cape Bedford.

Within 10 years the administrative centre of the Mission moved to Hope Valley, some 10 kilometres south.


1886 - c. 1896
Location - The Cape Bedford Mission was situated at Elim, 20km east of Hope Vale. Location: Elim


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Prepared by: Lee Butterworth