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South Australia - Legislation

Aborigines Act 1934 (1934 - 1963)

  • Aborigines Act 1934

    Aborigines Act 1934, courtesy of AIATSIS.

Principal Act

The Aborigines Act 1934 (Act No. 2154/1934) combined the provisions of the previous 1911 and 1923 Aborigines Acts. Its full title was 'An Act to consolidate certain Acts relating to the protection and control of the aboriginal and half-caste inhabitants of South Australia.' The Act was passed on 18 October 1934 and commenced on 1 April 1937. It was amended in 1939 and repealed by the Aboriginal Affairs Act 1962 on 28 February 1963.


Key Provisions: Combined the provisions of the 1911 Act and the 1923 Act. No significant alterations to the powers or duties of the Chief Protector. Chief Protector may commit any 'aboriginal child to any institution within the meaning of the Maintenance Act 1926 … to be there detained or otherwise dealt with under the said Act until such child attains the age of eighteen years'. The child may then be dealt with as a neglected child under the Maintenance Act. These provisions only apply to legitimate 'aboriginal' children who have either obtained a qualifying certificate within the meaning of the Education Act 1915 or attained the age of fourteen years; and illegitimate 'aboriginal' children who, in the opinion of the Chief Protector and the Children's Welfare and Public Relief Board are neglected or otherwise proper persons to be dealt with under this Act'. Chief Protector has similar powers to remove 'aboriginals' and 'half-castes' as in 1911 Act. Repealed by Aboriginal Affairs Act 1962.


 1844 - 1911 Aboriginal Orphans Act 1844
       1911 - 1937 Aborigines Act 1911
       1923 - 1937 Aborigines (Training of Children) Act 1923
             1934 - 1963 Aborigines Act 1934
                   1962 - 1972 Aboriginal Affairs Act 1962
                         1972 - Community Welfare Act 1972


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Aborigines Act 1934
Aborigines Act 1934


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Prepared by: Melissa Downing, Christine Moje