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South Australia - Archival Series

Fullarton [Admission Cards] (1959)

Salvation Army Girls' Home


Records information under the following headings: (1) Child's name, (2) Name and address of applicant, (3) Relationship to child, (4) Date and place of birth of child, (5) Any physical deformities, (6) Mentally retarded, (7) Serious illnesses, (8) Healthy, (9) Father's full name, (10) Mother's full name and maiden name, (11) Full address of each parent, (12) Father's occupation, (13) Name and address of employment, (14) Mother's occupation, (15) Name and address of employment, (16) Religion of parents, (17) Why is the child placed in the home? (18) Number of children in family, (19) Character reference, (20) Name of child's school and grade.


Access Conditions

Care leavers can apply to the Salvation Army for information and records about their time in care.

A two page application form will need to be completed. The form will ask for contact details, personal and family information to assist with a record search and identification. The application requests copies of a drivers licence and birth certificate or 100 points of identification. Those who don't have enough official documents can ask the Care Leavers of Australia Network (CLAN) or the Find & Connect Support Service to confirm their identity to the Salvation Army.

Those applying for information about a third party will need consent from that person or the executor of their estate.


Online Resources

Sources used to compile this entry: George, Karen, Finding your own way, Nunkuwarrin Yunti of South Australia Inc., 2005,

Prepared by: Karen George and Gary George