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Tasmania - Glossary Term

Children's Nursing Home (c. 1907 - c. 1960)

c. 1907
c. 1960

A Children's Nursing Home provided accommodation in a private home for children under five years old.


Children's Nursing Homes were run by a woman who took care of the children in return for a fee usually paid by the mother. The mothers were usually single and placed their children in the Home so that they could earn a living to support them.

The first Homes were established under the Infant Life Protection Act 1907. Nurses from the Police Department inspected these Homes. In 1918, under the Children of the State Act, the Children of the State Department took over their management. The Infants Welfare Act of 1935 employed the term but its usage had disappeared by 1960 when the Child Welfare Act became law.

Prepared by: Caroline Evans