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St Joseph's Babies' Home (1975 - 1985)

Adoption Agency, Babies' Home, Care Provider, Catholic, Foster Care and Home

St Joseph's Babies Home in Glenroy was established in 1975, when the Sisters of St Joseph closed their Foundling Hospital in Broadmeadows. The Glenroy Home established a foster care service, primarily to provide pre-adoptive placements. In 1985, it became part of the new St Joseph's Babies' and Family Service, established when the sisters closed the Receiving Home in Carlton.



1975 - 1985
Location - St Joseph's Babies' Home was located in Glenroy. Location: Glenroy


 1901 - 1975 St Joseph's Foundling Hospital
       1975 - 1985 St Joseph's Babies' Home
             1985 - 1997 St Joseph's Babies' and Family Service
                   1997 - MacKillop Family Services

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  • St Joseph's Receiving Home (1902 - 1985)

    In 1985 the St Joseph's Receiving Home in Carlton merged with the St Joseph's Babies Home in Glenroy to become the St Joseph's Babies' and Family Service, Glenroy.


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Sources used to compile this entry: 'A Piece of the Story': National Directory of Records of Catholic organisations caring for children separated from their families, Australian Catholic Social Welfare Commission & Australian Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes, November 1999,

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