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Victoria - Archival Collection

Glastonbury Community Services Records (c. 1854 - 2015)

c. 1854

Glastonbury Community Services Records date from 1854 to 2015 and relate to the operation of Glastonbury Community Services and its predecessor agencies. The records are held by Barwon Child, Youth & Family. The collection includes the records of over 2,000 children that were in its care. The collection includes admission records, client files, matron and superintendent reports, videos and photographs.


Access Conditions

Conditional Access - Former residents of Glastonbury's out-of-home care programs and their families can contact Barwon Child, Youth & Family to gain access to records and information about their time in 'care'.

Glastonbury Community Services, Archive search information for past clients, 2012, states:

Glastonbury cannot guarantee to have information about all past clients. Record keeping in the past was often very scant and some past clients may only have an entry in the admissions books. Also we have anecdotal evidence that some client files were destroyed in the late 1960's.

If we do have records about you or a member of your family we will process your request as quickly as possible. However, under the Privacy Laws we can not release information about a third party unless the person gives their written permission or they are deceased. Therefore, we may need to take certain information out of your records before we give you a copy of your information.


The collection at Glastonbury Community Services dates from 1854. The records relate to the operation of Glastonbury Community Services and its predecessor agencies, and include the records of over 2,000 children in its 'care'. More specifically, the collection includes:

  • Antique furniture in the meeting room at Glastonbury
  • Photograph collection includes pictures of the Herne Hill and Belmont Orphanages. Photos and slides of children in the orphanage
  • Admissions books (1854 - 1996)
  • Matrons reports (1934- 1942, 1943-1955, 1972-1975)
  • Superintendents reports (1955-1964, 1964-1973, 1974-1976)
  • Home and Farm Report (1968-1972)
  • Doctors Book (1967-1971)
  • Client admissions records from (1856, 1945- ). These records contain medical information on the children placed in care, supporting letters for the admission of the children to care and the admission record. Some records contain other miscellaneous information.
  • Client files post 1946 - these files contain reports, case notes educational reports and medical information
  • Glastonbury has one of the largest collections of 19th century Australian apprenticeship records
  • Old Bibles that are very valuable, but need some preservation work
  • Books recording social security payment, or family allowance, (1971 -1983)
  • Glasow Gossip magazine with articles written by the children (1973 - 1980)
  • Financial records
  • General correspondence
  • Annual reports from 1855 (some missing)
  • Board minutes from 1855
  • Ladies auxiliary minutes
  • Printed matter - early years newspaper articles
  • Corporate memories
  • Video, tapes of Orphanage activities, personnel memories and reunions
  • Private collections of material on Glastonbury

Finding Aids

There are several databases, typed lists and other documentation which are used to search records by Heritage workers. They include:

  • List of holdings in Microsoft Excel documents - with information about the creating agency, series number, series title, date range, location and series description
  • List of holdings at the Geelong Heritage Centre, including a CD of pre 1946 client files, and a DVD of post 1946 -1992 client files
  • 'Memoirs' document created by care leavers for a Reunion


During a survey of records completed in 2009, it was found that Glastonbury's on site storage room contained closed (i.e. access is restricted) files. Closed files stayed on site for 3 years before being boxed and sent to an off-site storage facility run by 'Advance Records Management'. There were about 175 boxes (carton size) there. The meeting room at Glastonbury Child and Family Services contained photos, memorabilia and antique furniture. The on site storage room and the cupboards in meeting room two contained other boxed heritage material.

In the 1980s some of the records were transferred to the Geelong Heritage Centre. Glastonbury retains CD and DVD copies of the client files transferred to the Geelong Heritage Centre. The Geelong Heritage Centre has the original paper files, as well as copies of the CD and DVD.


Archive Search Information For Past Clients
Barwon Child, Youth & Family


Sources used to compile this entry: Archive Search Information For Past Clients [Document], Date: 2015; Pdf copy of Glastonbury Community Services - Archives search information for past clients, dated October 2012, held in the project files at the University of Melbourne eScholarship Research Centre.

Prepared by: Rosemary Francis