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Cosmo Newbery Mission (1953 - 1973?)

  • Cosmo Newbery Mission, 1956?

    Cosmo Newbery Mission, 1956?, courtesy of State Library of Western Australia.

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Alternative Names
  • Cosmo Newberry Mission (also known as)

Cosmo Newbery Mission, north-east of Laverton, was the new name given to the Cosmo Newbery Native Settlement when it was transferred to the United Aborigines Mission (UAM) by the Department of Native Affairs in December 1953. Until 1963, the Commissioners of Native Affairs and Native Welfare were the guardians of children placed at Cosmo Newbery. Cosmo Newbery Mission was run by the UAM until about 1973 when its use as a mission ceased. The mission land was vested in the Aboriginal Lands Trust.


On 15 December 1953, Cosmo Newbery was transferred to the United Aborigines Mission from the Department of Native Affairs. The annual report of the Commissioner for Native Affairs (1954, p.15) shows that one young person described as a 'native delinquent' ward of the State and one other adult 'inmate' were resident at the 'institution' at the handover and it continued to serve as a 'depot for the issue of rations and clothing to indigent natives'.

The Commissioner of Native Welfare described Cosmo Newbery in his 1959 Annual Report (p.8), as a 'flourishing mission station'.

In the early 1960s a government school opened at Cosmo Newbery, so the children no longer had to travel to Mt Margaret Mission for schooling.

In the mid-1960s the UAM opened a pastoral training centre at Cosmo Newbery and some part-time employment for local Aboriginal people was offered. During the droughts of the 1970s, employment at the mission waned.

It is possible that Cosmo Newbery was transferred from the UAM to local Aboriginal control around 1973, as that is when the handover of the UAM's Mt Margaret mission occurred. Cosmo Newbery's land was vested in the Aboriginal Lands Trust.


1953 - 1973
Location - A United Aborigines Mission was established at Cosmo Newbery, 97 kilometres north-east of Laverton. Location: Cosmo Newbery


 1951 - 1953 Cosmo Newbery Native Settlement
       1953 - 1973? Cosmo Newbery Mission

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  • Mount Margaret Mission (1921 - 1975)

    Children at Cosmo Newbery Mission were sent by the United Aborigines Mission to Mount Margaret Mission for their schooling until a government school was opened at Cosmo Newberry.

    Date: 1954 - 1960s

  • Sunday Island Mission (1899 - 1934)

    Cosmo Newbery Mission was started by United Aborigines Mission personnel, Harry and Ethel Lupton, who had previously been at the Sunday Island Mission.

    Date: 1954

  • Warburton Mission (1933 - 1977)

    Young people from Warburton Mission were sometimes sent to Cosmo Newbery Mission to attend the Pastoral Training Centre.

    Date: 1960s - 1973?



  • Wilson, Katrin and Michael V. Robinson., Aboriginal Hostels in Perth : A Comparative Survey, Department of Native Welfare, [Perth, W.A.], 1971. Details

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Cosmo Newbery Mission, 1956?
Cosmo Newbery Mission, 1956?
State Library of Western Australia


Cosmo huts, ie Cosmo Newbery Mission, 1958-1961
Cosmo huts, ie Cosmo Newbery Mission, 1958-1961
1958 - 1961
Young, Mervyn
State Library of Western Australia


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